FANpay brings you the web tools to tell the world about you and your business. We help you learn to earn with web services you need to start your online business. Ai designed websites, Shopping Carts, CRM, vCards, No Code - Turnkey Web2.0 to Web3.0
AI-powered travel agent chatbot. Answers your questions and lets you book yourself with both the Asian and North American travel sites. (Will be back soon)
Meaningful Meetup
Meaningful discussions are not debates or lectures. Each discussion is an opportunity for participants to collectively explore a topic with the intention of having an enjoyable and engaging experience with open-minded individuals while sharing our insights and unique perspectives based on our life experiences. Join Us:
< https://www.meetup.com/meaningful/
Crypto Web3.0 DAO
Web3 Crypto domains for IPFS (Interplanetary File System), Coded a $100 Trillion Token DAO to replace governments and banks, Solana Shopping Cart selling NFTs. Owner of a crypto miner. (Under Construction)
Advance Automation EngineeringAdvance Web3 Crypto Advance AI Powered Chatbots

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From hardware to software engineering, we have done it.

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It's important to recognize the distinction between purchasing the final product, and the expenses related to research, development, testing, prototyping, production, distribution, marketing, and sales. No, IT is not engineering. Coding is not computer science. You must be an engineer to call yourself a software engineer.

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